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Good In Bed

So remember that blog where I hee-hawed back and forth on the thought of to buy $200 sheets or not? Well, I hee-d to the side of buying them. I’m not sure if Kenny’s grandma fully appreciates what she’ll soon be drooling on, but hopefully she’ll like them.

I put our set on the bed last night. I had them before Christmas, but wouldn’t put them on the bed until the bedroom was cleaned and dusted and sorted and organized. I did all that prior to Christmas in Vegas, but didn’t want to put them on before we left, in case the cats threw up on them while we were gone. Which was good foresight, since the cat threw up all over the bed while we were gone.

Last night? Sliding into those $200 Cariloha sheets? Heaven…..I must be in heaven…..sing-songed through my mind, and then I picked up my parasol and twirled around a bit, before collapsing for good in the delicious softness and cool comfort of these sheets.

One more thing I need to make it more difficult to get out of bed. Because it was difficult, Reader. I had grand plans for today (Friday), while Kenny was at his job training thingie. I was going to Accomplish Things; sort and organize and write a novel and save the world in that four-hour span while he was gone.

Instead? I rolled right back over and hunkered down into those $200 sheets for Round 2 of Sleep, Delicious Sleep.

Even Girl Cat came back to bed after Kenny left and snuggled back down in the middle of those sheets, purring so loudly it woke me up (briefly).

I got up when his training was almost over, around 12:40ish. In the afternoon. And I went to bed at a somewhat reasonable time the night before.

There really is no excuse. There’s only a reason. A soft and snugglie reason.

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