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Touché, Neighborhood.

Well played, Neighborhood. Well. Played. ~three slow claps~

THIS greeted me as I walked down my driveway to my car this morning:
WHAT. THE. FUCK. Is a CAR doing in the backyard of the house (rental property) next door??

The good news is, I finally found the cause for Lady the Dog’s (Timmy’s dog) barking her fool head off this morning. Something tells me they realized the error of their way, parking on a rain-soaked lawn.

Or maybe they plan on burying a body back there.

To provide some perspective, this is how close the Backyard Car is to their house:

And to think the city inspector fined us last summer because our trash can lid had blown away.

And also? I am officially the fucking Annoyed Old Lady of the Neighborhood, because if that gol’darn car isn’t outta there by the New Year, I’ll be calling the city inspector.

If you need me, I’ll be in my rocking chair listening to the oldies station.

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