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Does Santa use google?

I miss my Mac. The iPad is just no good for blogging and I’ve had words going to waste. Words you’ll never get to read. Sad face. For you. Ahem

So I’ve been much more productive in the evenings without a computer.
Cooked meals from scratch-ish. Did laundry. Vacuumed. Baked Christmas cookies. Went to bed early without an overload of reading depressing blog stories. I read several blogs that are tearjerkers involving sick babies. This week I don’t know whats happening with the babies and I’m a little less teary as a result. That’s kinda nice.
We went shopping tonight for some kids who are part of some “kids in distress” place. We bought for 2 kids, a boy & a girl. I yelled at Kenny for being too generous. He called me a Scrooge. But he bought the one little boy, who wanted “WWE men” a hundred bucks worth of men and accessories. We’re only supposed to spend about $25 per kid. So now? Our kid is going to hit the jackpot while the other kids get one thing.
So that makes me a Scrooge.
We bought the other kid in our list one thing only, a pretty nice MP3 player. The rest of the shit on her list was either sold out or a gift card and I’m not getting the kid a gift card. For some reason that irks me. Like they think “this fat old lady obviously can’t be trusted to buy something good, just give me the money so I can do it myself.”. That’s what a gift card wish list item says to me and I’m not biting. Put an actual item on your list, Kid.
So now’s the part of the story where I tell you A) either what a Christmas Asshole I am or B) what a genius I am. You decide.
There was a “tree” at work with a bunch of names and wish list items, we could pick a name and buy for that specific person. There were a number of separate families on the tree.
So. I decided to check the court docket and see if anyone listed had a criminal background before I choose their name. Don’t get confused with the kids we purchased for, that was a completely seperate endeavor. You can’t search for the juvies. Or who am I kidding, I probably would have.
Did my Christmas-present-buying background check yield any results? You betcha it did. And their name stayed right on the tree and I picked the lady who was in the court system with only a foreclosure against her name. She obviously is having a bad year.
Santas not the only one who sees if you’ve been naughty or nice.
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