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The Bang Bang Theories

Feats of Strength

It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas….

The white light strands really showed up obnoxiously in the picture, but in reality they aren’t as obtrusive. The tree actually looks pretty good and sparkly. And before you judge, I am well aware it’s not a traditional tree, but with 5 cats, I had to make adjustments and get something with a wide, solid base that will sit on the table. I could get all ho-ho-ho-ie and put a tall tree in front of the window, but that would involve moving furniture and if you have ever read anything here, you should be well aware of our lack of extra storage space. So we festive-up where we can and move along.

I anticipate a number of ornaments will be on the floor by morning. Toby already tried to give it a stretch and bat, but I batted him first.

My big attempt at festivus is stringing the lights up around the window. They almost ran a little short (just bought ’em, didn’t know how far they’d go), but I managed to finagle it.

We also put some stuff outside, some light up lollipop things that follow the walkway. We need to get another set tomorrow, we only bought one set to test ’em out. They are pretty cute. Cute enough.

Kenny & I were proud of ourselves. While we like festive-looking homes, we don’t normally do much of it ourselves, so baby steps.

Reader, if you’re interested in a cat update, well, here she is:

Powder Puff (that’s her name this week, because her fur is very dense and powder-puffy) couldn’t resist all the living room commotion and hesitantly came out of our bedroom. She hangs out there pretty much all day, it’s too dangerous in the living room, apparently.

But she bucked up and helped me decorate, and posed for a picture. Well, sort of posed.

She keeps a tight eye on the other cats. Maybe she’ll calm down in a few years and join the rest of the family on a regular basis. Maybe.

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