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The Bang Bang Theories

Monday Madness

I have a love / hate relationship with the time change. I love it in the a.m., when I’m stealing an extra hour of sleep. I hate it at 5:30 p.m., when I leave work and it’s pitch black and I think I should go home and slip immediately into my pajamas.

I didn’t do that tonight. I kept my day clothes on, thinking I would perchance venture out this evening. Instead I whipped up a quick dinner of general toes chicken and vacation rice. Vacation rice is supposed to trick you into thinking you’re on a vacation, due to the peach flavor and coconut. It was okay. It blended well with the general toes.

And then? I found my place on the recliner and napped through Dancing With the Stars. I’m totally digging on the Latino with all the Moves. Holy smokes, can he do things standing that I’d like to try in the horizontal position. With him. Or Kenny, if he could learn some of those moves. I’m not too particular.
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