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The Bang Bang Theories

Essential Oils

I believe I am the most gullible shopper. Ever. Because I buy into (get it? I “buy” into it all) anything, if it’s hyped the right way and appeals to whatever is aggravating me at the moment.

So it’s no surprise that when I saw the chance to clean my aura and purify my spirit, I whipped out my credit card and made the purchase.

And spent the weekend spraying and spraying and spraying things.

A clean aura smells like refreshing peppermint. My aura got sprayed, Kenny’s aura got sprayed, the new cat got her aura sprayed, the rooms got sprayed, and Timmy came upstairs for something on Saturday morning and got a good spraying, too. His only word as I was spraying him was, “Idiot.” But he gamely turned around and let me spray all angles. I gave his wiener area an extra dose, so he can get some new energy around that thing. He didn’t seem to appreciate my efforts.

And then today? I’ve been a Bitchy McBitchy Pants. I think when I get my karma unknotted and my aura cleaned, it releases a lot of stuff I keep bottled up. I’m not friendly to be around for a while.
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