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The Bang Bang Theories

Itsy Bitsy

Tracye: “I think a spider crawled on my face at night and laid eggs under my skin. Look at this lump I have right by my hairline.”

Shows Kenny lump.

Kenny: “Yep, it sure does look like a spider bite.”

Tracye, freaking out: “I didn’t really THINK it was a spider bite, now I’m freaked the fuck out that a spider was crawling around on my face at night!!! Do you think it laid eggs??”

Later that evening:

Tracye: “You know, those cats should really keep those spiders offa my face at night. That’s the least they can do, right? Those cats are lazy fuckers.”

Now I’m mad at the cats. And if my face hatches spiders, I’m going to be REALLY mad at Kenny, too.
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