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The Bang Bang Theories

It’s All In How You Look At It

I have been meaning to check out a park that I heard was just a hop, skip & a jump away from my house. I was skeptical that a park existed this close to me and I’ve never seen it in six years. I was told that it’s a couple blocks down, then the street dead-ends and you follow this little path through the woods that ends in the park. The thought of following a little path through the woods sort of concerned me, I guess I lived in the ‘hood of Cleveland for too long to just be meandering off through wooded parks on my own. After all, we had a homicidal serial killer from Cleveland, didn’t ‘cha hear?

My brother was over so I made him take a walk down the street with me in search of this park. I promised him ice cream at the end of the walk so he was on board.

Lo & behold, the street did dead end right to a little wooded trail. As we were making our way through it I expressed my concern about getting accosted/raped if I would take that adventure alone some day.

Chuck: “Uh, at your age, you might want to consider that a compliment.”
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