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The Beet Goes On

While some of you may find this over-sharing, I did find this quite interesting and think it’s important information to share from a MEDICAL standpoint. Medical, Reader.

My poop today was the color of red velvet cupcakes, and I haven’t eaten any red velvet cupcakes since April. Prior to that, you may recall my love-affair with red velvet from last YEAR, and if my poop is still being affected from that, I am in big T.R.O.U.B.L.E. My mind immediately leapt to colon cancer, but after pondering this for the day, I realized it was caused from my dinner yesterday which consisted of a bowl of roasted beets.

I witnessed firsthand Cause & Effect.

I’m not a hundred percent sure of the medical relevancy of this post, but I’m sure it’s there if we examine throughly. For instance, it should be a disclaimer on those ads for butt cancer, “Red poop may not necessarily be caused by cancer, but could be a result of eating a bowl of beets.” Otherwise people who enjoy the beets could be unnecessarily panicked, have a stroke on the toilet and die. Just like Elvis. But he didn’t die from beets, at least I’m pretty sure of that.
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