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The Bang Bang Theories

Wow, This Isn’t What I Thought I’d Be Typing.

Lessee…..anything interesting from my recliner this week? It’s been slow. No real story to tell. If I think of something, you will be the first to know. How’s that?

Sidenote, feeling much better this week. Going broke paying out-of-pocket for chiropractor and massage therapist, but that’s how it goes. Can’t put a price tag on your health, that’s what they say, but I actually CAN put a price tag on it. $65 – $90 per massage/per week, $45 per chiropractor visit up to 3 times per week, $1,950 for a back MRI. Family doctor $85 each visit, specialist visit next week who-knows-how-much, natural anti-inflammatory pills, prescription meds around $10 (generics), yada yada. Not cheap. And this is with HAVING A GOOD JOB WITH HEALTH CARE BENEFITS. LET ME STRESS THAT PART.

And you know what else? For all those naysayers about health care reform, who put up a big argument about “we’ll all have to wait weeks to see specialists!” Guess what? I’ve had to wait 22 days to get in to see the specialist. WITH MY GOOD HEALTH CARE BENEFITS, THAT STILL COST ME THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OUT OF POCKET.

So there.
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