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The Bang Bang Theories

Healing Pie

For today’s adventure, I made a strawberry-rhubarb pie, utilizing the rhubarb from Saturday’s bounty from Farmer Chuck.

Since I’m still not getting around too great, it took me HOURS to get this thing put together. I’d wash, the rest, then slice, then rest, then add some ingredients, then sit down and rest… you get the picture. But I figure it’s good to start standing a little bit more, try and get the strength back up in my leg. Healing through baking, that’s my self-determined therapy.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll try my hand at heath bar cupcakes. In the name of THERAPY, Reader. Therapy! I have to build my strength back up!

I actually thought I could start doing some mild exercises, but the chiropractor said No Way, Pal. He nixed even slow riding on my exercise bike for now. He gave me my exercise sheet that I can do, it involves laying on my back in bed and bringing my leg into my chest and holding it for a few seconds. It actually DOES do quite a bit to help, I was surprised to admit. I slept rather restfully last night, for the first time in days. With the baking therapy, I should sleep like a rock tonight.
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