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The Bang Bang Theories

Oh, And We Got Bin Laden, too!

Happy Day, Reader! I’ve got some blog drafts waiting to be finalized, but didn’t get to it this weekend. Here’s a few thoughts from my head to tide you over until I get the really important stuff posted ~insert self-mockery here~.

1/ Stanley is doing B.A.D. Bad. He’s cranky and crotchety and just wants us to go to bed so he can lay down next to us on his pillow. My heart’s breaking (which is probably why I have no real interest in typing up blog-nonsense at the moment), and I know it’s just going to be a very short matter of time now. He’s walking around hissing at all the other cats. We got him to eating a little bit tonight, some chicken lunchmeat that smells like farts from Giant Eagle. He is pretty crazy about the fartmeat usually, but even now he just has a little bit of interest and he grinds his teeth while eating it. I have no idea why the grinding of his teeth. I just don’t know.

Sidebar: We originally purchased the fartmeat whilst shopping one time as our own lunch food. While we made our way through the store, we kept wondering aloud who the hell was farting. Imagine our surprise when the smell followed us home and we realized it was US who smelled like farts in the store. So that’s why the cats got that, who wants to eat farty-smelling lunchmeat? Cats do, that’s who.

2/ We booked our Fall vacation cruise. A freebee on the Oasis of the Seas (Royal Caribbean). Not too excited about the destinations, but am excited about the ship. I am telling the Universe I expect good weather, unlike that cruise in December where it rained and rained.

3/ I’ve fought the pressure to purchase an electronic book reader, with the argument that I enjoy the whole book experience – touching the pages, thumbing through the paper, going back and forth to read/re-read certain passages, adoring the cover, the credits and the author photo. Yes, I like all of that. It’s my total book experience. However. I’m shifting my stance. It’s such a pain in the ass to cart books around on vacation, not to mention the added weight of them in my luggage (I’m partial to hardbacks). Any input, Reader?

4/ We bought a grill for our little patio and are ready for summer. Even got the porch – mostly – set up. Just need to wipe down the furniture. Summer, I am ready.

5/ Picked out some new paint colors for the living room. Considering a re-do. But am avoiding making a commitment to it as it is So. Much. WORK!!! But I’d like to switch it up, I think. What else do I have to do in May, anyway. Squander my time, that’s what.
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