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The Bang Bang Theories

Sweetsie Dreams

In a couple short days I will be fulfilling a couple of childhood dreams.

When I was a young girl (12?), I read my mother’s True Romance, True Love, True Story – anything with truthful romance – magazines. They were filled with implied smut, searching kisses, second-chance romances and women Making It On Their Own! – those types of stories. I ate ’em up with a spoon in my formative years. There really should have been a warning label on them, in retrospect.

And in the back of those magazines? Enter to Win contests. With promises of exotic locations where you could discover your one true love, get romanced off your feet, all while being irresistibly cute, tan, blond, with straight white teeth – and happy. Oh, so happy! Swaying-in-your-hammock happy.

I have dreamed of those tropical waters and islands ever since. That is why I never tire of taking what may appear to be the same vacation over. and over. and over again.

But this time? This time, I get to my Actual Dream Destination. I filled out umpteen entries trying to win a trip to Barbados. This was back in the day, Reader, BEFORE the Internets changed things, and you entered contests by filling out 5 x 7 index cards with all your vital information, addressing the legal-sized envelope only, please, in ALL CAPS, exactly as stated or you will be disqualified, and mailing them before the contest-closed date.

When my daddy saw the stack of mail I had for the post office he inquired, “Sweetsie, what’s all them envelopes for?” and I shyly told him I was trying to win a trip. “Where to?” “Daddy, I want to win a trip to Bar-bah-dose.” “Bar-bah-dose? – You mean Bar-BAY-does,” with teasing laughter in his tone.

I didn’t win, but my desire to see Bar-bah-dose never waned.

So Saturday, my friend Joanne and I leave on a cruise that stops in Bar-bah-does. I believe we will be there on Monday.

The second childhood dream? It’s courtesy of the Reader’s Digest. I’ll tell ya more about it tomorrow.
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