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The Bang Bang Theories

Another Cat Story

Stanley went back underneath the guestroom bed. What the fuck. I knew something was amuck, he ate some dinner but didn’t stick around to finish it up.

I had Kenny go and poke him out from under the bed with something long and pokie.

He brought him into the living room where we were watching Million Dollar Drop, and that’s where the, “Oh, no, nowwhatthefucks” began.

“Somethings…..on…my arm…. and it’s wet.” ~ Kenny.
“And smelly.” ~ Kenny.

He brought Stanley over to me where I proceeded to do the Mom Stuff, checking out his butt.

I knew no good was going to come of any of that.

His bunghole was wet all around it, with a clearish, pinkish liquid. Like watery, gelatinous blood (sorry, I’m sure that’s a picture you’d rather I not painted).

I began my panicked, “WE’VE GOT TO RUSH HIM TO THE PET HOSPITAL!!” rant, but took a moment since I’m trying to be all adult and composed-like.

So we sat for a moment, and continued watching Million Dollar Drop. Stan sat on my lap with paper towels under his butt and we watched all the dumb dumb contestants lose all their monies.

Then we took Stanley into the bathroom where we proceeded to look closely at his butthole.

It wasn’t good.

Kenny held him and I cleaned it up.

So now? We’re just going to see if it comes back, or if it was an isolated one-really-tough-shit incident.

Pictures, anyone? Anyone? ‘Cause I will post some for you. I will. Really.
…..~sad voice~ …. Reader, you never take me up on my generous offers for medical-mystery pictures. How are you going to learn??

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