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The Bang Bang Theories

Is This More Work From Mother Karma??

I’ve had some personal family news that is giving me pause, and having me to take a sit-back from Internet Things and do a reset.

No, nobody’s died or has an illness. Other things. But I’m going to tap out for a bit while I work on getting this sorted out.

Sorry for the vagueness, you know me, I tell ya all about my vagina, but some things just need to be kept a little closer to the vest.

Anyway. This could have gone either way, with my saying nothing and just not posting for a while, or posting this and leaving you a-flutter with wonder, but I didn’t want to just ghost ya.

I just can’t focus on this nonsense when there’s some real-life bullshit that needs to get sorted out. That’s all. It makes me realize how non-important so much of life’s make-up really is. Who the fuck cares if Lebron plays ball here, or in Miami? It matters not one whit. I don’t even know if that’s the right word, “whit”, but it doesn’t matter enough to worry about checking it out.

I’m going to bed with cats. And praying (to Garth and God) for some peace.
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