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The Bang Bang Theories

Bump In The Night

We spent Halloween at The Point, participating for the first time in Halloweekends. And it was fun! And cold! And fun!

And. I’m not 20 anymore (no shit, I know). Holy smokes, I’m not bendy enough to fold myself up into those contraptions they call rides.

And? While I was always a fan of the spin-me-round-and-round rides, after the trifecta of The Troika, The Matterhorn and the Himalayan, I was nauseous. I needed a carbonated beverage and a time-out.

And? It was quite frightful after 7, when the ghouls and the smoke making machine came out, and it was eerie and things jumped at us in the night. I screamed.

And lastly? We weren’t complete old-fucking-duds, we did ride a few coasters, and even more spinning rides despite the roiling in my tum-tum. So suck it, youngsters . We know how to par-tay. As long as we’re home by ten.

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