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The Bang Bang Theories


It was Nutty Professor Night at the Anderson Residenze (it’s so French with a “z”). Ooh La La.

But back to the Nutty. I’ve had some stubborn greys in my temple, and I’ve been too busy/preoccupied/lazy to make a hair appointment, when frankly the only thing I need covered is around the hairline.

Fact: Girl Hair is very expensive.

I haven’t felt like spending $150ish at the moment, especially since I don’t need a cut. I think I’m a lot less disgruntled with my ‘do since I had the Brazilian Blowout (ahem. $400.) on the cruise. It really does fall into place with very little effort, and so it makes me think it doesn’t need any additional salon service. Plus, the longer I wait, the more chance I have to “not spend” and get over the $400 I spent.

So a couple weeks ago I bought a kit and beat those roots back into submission. It was fine, it did the trick, but seemed a tich on the “too blond” side.

And it didn’t last long. Not as long as it lasts when I spend $150 and have it done, those greys are kept at bay 5 to 6 weeks.

So I bought another kit Friday night. We had a wedding to attend on Saturday. I chose a “medium blond, warm (golden)”.

I ended up with this:

Not horrible, but it did pick up on some red. Good thing I didn’t buy the actual red that I had in my hand and Kenny talked me out of. I would have been Raggedy Ann Red, just in time for a social event.

So is salon hair $140 better than the homejob? If I could stretch salon visits out to every 3 months (12 weeks) that would be ideal. I would save a shitbucket of money each year. We’ll product test and see how long it takes for the greys to rear their ugly heads again.

My goal is to keep from needing a professional headjob until our December vacation. But I don’t know if I can turn 40…..ahem… 44 (that leaves a bad taste in my mouth) with a homespun hairdo. But maybe! I’m going to remain optimistic.

And p.s., I even trimmed my own bangs so I really don’t need a pro for a while. I’m a DIY kinda girl.

Oh, and p.p.s., remember how I mentioned there was a wedding on the agenda? Well, translate to wedding cake. So all-in-all, it was a good day. Despite the fact that the wedding cake was chocolate and I much prefer white wedding cake. It’s a nice day when there’s white wedding cake (per Billy Idol).
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