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The Bang Bang Theories

Wally Lamb Wrote About It

I don’t really have much for ya. Here’s what I can tell ya.

1/ Thursday night I went and had my karma unknotted by Mother Meera. I’m not sure exactly what went on when she was holding my head in her hands and looking into my eyes, but something went askance because my karma is bee-eye-tee-c-h-eye-eee. I’ve become unraveled, rather than unknotted. I’m sick of everyone’s bullshit, Mr. Anderson was in a hotmess of trouble over his neglect for Sweetest Day and general unconcern for me as a girl, and well, frankly it’s just been not very zen around here this weekend. I’ve once again de-relationship status-ed us, which nowadays is the ultimate message you can send to someone. So thanks, Mother Meera. I’m unknotting everything around me. Maybe this is like when you get a facial applied, and it raises all the impurities to the surface and you actually look HORRIBLE before you start to look glowy and all clear-skinned. We’ll see how glowy I get over the next few days.

2/ I made turkey tacos and they were good. Then we went and saw Jackass 3D and it was gross; boys are gross. But I still laughed out loud.

3/ I slept a lot today. I got up, ate breakfast, took a nap, ate tacos, rested, went to the movies and now I’m tired and ready for bed again. Maybe I’m so tired from the work that’s being done with my karma, all that unknotting is exhausting.

On that note, I’m heading to ~ yawn ~ bed.
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