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The Bang Bang Theories

Big Tease

I spent part of Sunday accomplishing this:

Jerseylicious-ing myself.

Sadly, I think it looks kinda better than the original. Maybe I’m all wrong with my “understated” look and I need to big my hair and apply dark liner. And shinier lipstick. And most importantly, I realize the importance of getting my teeth whitened again.

Even more sadly, I see somewhat of a resemblance to Carrie Underwood in this picture. Not sad for me, mind you, but poor Carrie. She’s just a few cupcakes and cruise buffets away from being this 40something. She’d better watch it, or it’ll sneak right up on her.

And then a good thing happened by spending my time on this, because I’ve had the opportunity to rethink my decision to go out today and buy a redhead hair color kit and DIY it myself like the Nutty Professor in the bathroom.

One of my favorite shows is Fringe and in Alternate World, Redhead Olivia resides (Blond Olivia lives in our reality…. er… well, the television version of our reality). But I’ve had sort of a crush on Redhead Olivia and thought that maybe that was just the spark I needed this winter.

See? Super-sexy redhead.

But then, thanks to Jerseylicious, I had the chance to try-it-before-i-buy-it. And Oh, Good Garth, am I ever happy I didn’t do this today, because…..well, a picture is worth at least a hundred words here:

So that’s The Situation. It saved me $8 and a bucket of tears.
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