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The Bang Bang Theories

Some Stuff


1/ We saw the Facebook movie Saturday night. It was super-duper crowded. The movie exceeded my expectations, as they were very low to begin with, it wasn’t difficult to manage. And I had decided while watching the movie that the dude was such a douchy dude that I was going to go immediately home and delete my Facebook account and never ever do one thing to contribute to his success again, but then it turned out all right in the end, although I do have to say that while this kid is filthy rich, he’s got shitty moral fiber and you just can’t buy that no matter how much money you have. He’s a shitty person. A shitty rich person, but shitty none-the-less.

2/ We have tickets to see Louis CK tonight in two hours and I am very much looking forward to the shew. I am even going to wash my hair for this event, and ya’ll should know by now that weekend-hair-washing isn’t a given.

3/ I brought a giant bag of work home with me and didn’t look at any of it. I’m hoping to just wing it Monday morning. I’ve had a cold. I didn’t wanna work on the weekend when I started to feel a little better. So there. Tomorrow I shall pay the piper, but for today? Today I enjoyed myself.

4/Seems that a $7,000 Rolex watch is good for about 2 years. She just stopped working on Friday. My 2-year warranty expired in September. It stopped working on October 1st. Nope, I’m not shitting you. The Lady On The Phone told me, “wind it 40 times away from yourself.” It’s a self-winding watch, or “perpetual movement” – some fancy-worded thing. So I wound it 40 times away from myself, faced the sun, exhaled 12 times, walked in a circle starting due-North and who the fuck knows if she’ll be working when I put it on later today. Maybe. Maybe the watch cost me $3,500 per year to wear it. That’s an expensive fucking watch.
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