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The Bang Bang Theories

Packin’ Er Up

I can’t leave out of town on a long holiday weekend without more cheerful post. So here it is!

So long, Gary Coleman. Now you and Sophie have something in common: a 2010 death.

Wait!… Er, it seems I didn’t follow my lead on “more cheerful.” Let me try again. Ahem.

I leave for San Juan in 7.5 hours. Hooray!!

I’m still not packed or quite ready to go. Boo!!!

I’m cranky as a result of being ill-prepared this late in the game. But! We bought another new car! That waylaid my plans of getting-ready. We traded in the old Lexus for a brand-spanking new model. We had no intention of doing that whatsoever, but then they let us take one home overnight and their diabolical plan worked. So now Kenny’s leasing a brand new one for a couple of years and I can drive it in the winter after one slide of the convertible. The new car has remote start, which is groovy. And a lot of other neato gizmos, too. We’re officially irresponsible, we have cars that are far nicer than our house. Ah well. Ya only live once. Just ask Gary Coleman.

Stanley (the cat, not the grandpa or the neighbor) gave us a fright this week. He did the same head twitch nausea move that Caesar did when it turned out to be cancer. We were really freaked out Wednesday morning. But he seems to have shaken it off and is eating fine, so we think that it was a fluke, plus the fact that I denied cancer to The Universe and refused to accept it so I’m sure that had something to do with it.

I really have a lot of Things I have to do so I am heading off to do those Things. Have a Proud To Be An American kinda Memorial Weekend. See ya in June. Unless I post from Aruba, which could happen. Be on the lookout just in case. It could get exciting here!

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