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Happy Hearts Day!

My friend Murdoch puts a lot of effort into Valentine’s Day. Even after many many years of marriage, he begins talking about V-day back in January, making plans on how to keep his bride wooed. It’s awfully romantic. And then he asks me what we’re planning.

Reader, it was all I could do to remind myself to get a card on Friday. And I work for a greeting card company, and have a half-price card shop at my service! That’s how much effort my household puts into this Very Special Day for Romance and Love.

It’s not that I’m anti-Valentine’s Day. Not at all. Celebrating the day just somehow stopped happening, and then we got lazy and it stopped really mattering.

Today, I got nothing. Kenny’s been too sick to even buy me a card, so I gave him the second one I bought for him (to balance against the humorous sexy message card, because everyone knows if you buy a humorous sexy message, it better just be a complementary card to the serious love message – the humorous sexy message cannot stand on it’s own – not without repercussions) to sign and give back to me. So far I haven’t received that back yet.

So what have we done for each other? Well, here’s how we’re rolling on this day of love:

1/ I turned the heat all the way up to 72. I pay the heat bill so it’s rarely allowed to go past 70.

2/ I used the coffee grinder for fresh-ground Starbucks beans instead of the pre-ground Maxwell House stuff. Very special.

3/ The cats enjoyed Fancy Feast for breakfast, and I have a can for each for dinner, too. Toby promptly threw up after eating, his cat palette isn’t used to the Finer Things, apparently. Kenny did clean it up. That was his gift to me.

Enjoy YOUR day of Romance.

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