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The Bang Bang Theories

What’cha Praying For?

Sunday evening. Where has the time gone? Oh, yeah. Nevermind. Things are weird. I haven’t shed many a tear, but I have been angrier than all get-out, so I think it’s just the phase I’ve landed in.

Right now I’m procrastinating, sidestepping Responsibility. I’ve been on my work computer since noon, doing odds & ends, cleaning up emails and sorting my files. I still have to complete my self appraisal, which could really be summed up quickly and in one word: AWESOME. I don’t know if that’ll fly, though. It SHOULD. I’d like to just try it for the sheer reaction from my director. Test her sense of humor. Since the damn thing was due last week, I need to get on it so it’s in her inbox in the morning. That would be the diligent thing to do. Although the Superbowl and a glass of wine are calling.

Is it pretentious to drink Riesling while watching the Superbowl? Somehow I think it is just a tich-bit hoity. I’m pairing it with Cool Ranch Dortios so I think that’s knocking it off it’s pedestal a little.

I don’t have much wit or items of interest to e-chat about so I guess I’d best go work on finessing the word Awesome into some sort of critical success factors language. Stupid rules we Humans create for ourselves. Someone just sits around and thinks this shit up and then we jump through hoops to sound Smart and Worthy of our jobs and paychecks. Where’s my beach cabana? That’s really where I belong. And I’d even give up the Reisling for cold cold beer for ever and ever. Amen. I think I just prayed to beaches and beer. That sounds about right.

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