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The Bang Bang Theories

A Kick In The Snatch

I’m officially a grief-eater. We started the day with doughy doughnuts and ended with same, plus a cuppa whole milk, good for the bones, ya know. The grocery cart included a liter of wine (a necessity), two bags of Doritos, donuts, peanut-butter wafer cookies, hot fries, potato chips & Helava Good Dip, and two liters of diet soda. Keep in mind, we stopped drinking soda last July and have given up artificial sweeteners completely.

So it’s been a surreal experience.

My 92-almost-93-year-old grandmother fell down the basement steps, busted her head on the cold concrete floor and died. We found her Monday night. So yeah, pass me the chips & dip. And don’t scrimp on the pour of wine.

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