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The Bang Bang Theories

It’s The Thought, Right?

Christmas Eve Day. Tomorrow’s The Big Reveal – what did Kenny and I actually buy for each other?? We had set a $25 limit on ourselves, since we’re going to Vegas for New Years, but that got thrown out the window at some point.

One of the more fun things we had been doing was just telling each other all the fantastical things we would have bought each other, since it’s the thought that counts anyway (supposedly). We would start every story with, “I was going to buy you a car!” .. and then go on to whatever else had crossed our mind. Today I told him what I would have bought for him. Here’s how it unfolded:

T: “I was in Williams-Sonoma looking around for you…”
K: “What’s a Williams-Sonoma?”
T: “A housewares store, they sell all sorts of contraptions for the kitchen.”
K, sniggering: “Yeah, that’s exactly where you should be looking for something for ME! What the hell would you even think I would want from a kitchen store??”
T: “Well, as a matter of fact, I was THINKING of getting you a French Press coffee maker (we had French-pressed coffee when we stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel back in the spring and we loved it) – but they had a couple that ranged in price from $60 to $100, and that’s too expensive for my blood.”
K: “Ooh, French-pressed coffee!! Now that’s a GREAT idea, I would have really liked that!”
T: “See, you would like something from the kitchen store. Idiot-for-mocking-me.”

But he’s not getting a French Press, because I’m not spending $100 on one.

But we did end up totally blowing our $25 budget. I started it, I guess. I told him I blew it and got him something that was $250, plus a few other knick-knacks, then he told me that he had to make sure he doubled-up on that so he spent around $650 on me (which is way more than doubling up). Now I have all sorts of present-stress, because he may not even LIKE what I bought him, in fact when he was guessing he said sardonically, “It’s not a jacket, is it?” and of course it is, so while I quickly said, “No! Why would I buy you a stupid jacket!” it’s really a jacket. Don’t fret, Reader, my beloved doesn’t even know where to go to read this site, his opinion is that he lives this shit, he doesn’t need to read about it. Oh, if he did, the things he could find out! Sucka.

So now I’m sitting on a jacket as his main gift, a jacket he mocked (cause he has a closet full of jackets, but this is a really cool leather jacket with Thinsulate to keep his ass warm out there, which his current and favorite leather jacket does not have), a movie he’s seen multiple times (The Hangover, but the unrated version so there should be some extra-special Christmas nudity, sexual explicitness and cursing), and a couple other insignificant things, and I’m up against a $650 gift. Jeez.

Oh, I did have a surprise lined up for today, but he pestered me to the point that I told him what it was last night – breakfast and a tour of the Christmas Story House. That was in the works for today, and he LOVED the idea! But now he doesn’t want to go today because it’ll more than likely be crowded beyond belief, so he wants to go another day. But he loved the thought. And that’s what counts, right?

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