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The Bang Bang Theories

Friends Don’t Let Friends Shop Drunk.

Ya buy one cute hat that you sport around the Caribbean, and 11 margaritas later, you think that ALL cowgirl hats look GREAT on you.

Next think ya know: I’ll shtakeda blacht one, witshda peenk lettershs….

Kenny failed me. Friends don’t let Friends shop drunk, but apparently boyfriends don’t know this rule. He let me shop and shop and shop at the store in the Cabo Wabo Cantina. This was one of my trophies, and oh, yes, indeed, I thought I looked good in this! Self portraits taken up and down the street in this thing. Oh, if I could only undelete, I would share them all with you.

I mustov taken the hat off at some point and made the bicycle driver pose for a picture with me. He looks terrified at the crazy Gringa.

Next task: Find a lucky Christmas gift recipient for black Cabo Wabo hat. Cross your fingers, it could be you!

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