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The Bang Bang Theories

The Barter System

I made a quick trip out to Sophie’s today, to squeeze in a visit and deliver some bread I had picked up for her. She LOVES this bread I found at Sam’s Club, it’s an apple danish crumb bread, and it’s so good she says she’d pay up to two dollars and fifty cents for it – it’s that good. Now, it costs $3.88, but I won’t burst her bubble with that – she wouldn’t be able to enjoy it if she knew it was scaring four dollars. So here’s what was swapped during the visit:

Tracye brought Sophie:

  • 2 loaves apple danish bread
  • 1 bottle Oil of Olay day cream
  • 3 outdated magazines (Redbook, Oprah, Ladies Home Journal)

Sophie sent Tracye home with the following:

  • Part of a head of cauliflower – enough to go with a hunk of some sorta meat we might have for dinner some night
  • A handful of apples – make some apple sauce or maybe bake a pie, Dolly
  • A peeled onion
  • A bowl of homemade Haluska

Now, some people think Haluska is cabbage and noodles, but true Haluska is made with homemade potato dumplings, which is what Sophie whipped up. They truly are one of my favorite Polish/Hungarian dishes that Sophie makes.

I guess I’d better get ready to bake a pie. I can’t let any of these things go to waste, I would be ashamed of myself. But I don’t even like cauliflower. Not since The Cauliflower Incident of ’93. Well, I’m making up the year on that, but it was during my vegetarian phase and I made a cauliflower sandwich (tasted as bad as it sounds), and I happened to catch the flu shortly after consuming. I haven’t been able to get over the mental connection of cauliflower and barfing. Oh, for those who are interested, the cauliflower sandwich consisted of white bread, chopped up cauliflower and ranch dressing. Just thinking about it to this day makes my nose snarl. Maybe Kenny will eat it.

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