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The Bang Bang Theories


Still not up to par. Having a quieter weekend at home and unfortunately don’t have the gumption to do what needs to be done. We did find the energy to put my new flannel sheet set on the bed Saturday and let me tell you, they were snugly and delicious on my achy body. Even Widda came up and made herself at home on Stanley’s pillow which is at the top by my head. She didn’t budge, not even when Stanley came up and asserted himself, pushing her over to make room for him. He ended up sleeping on her a little bit, and she didn’t seem to mind. She was not getting off that flannel pillowcase. I would guess she spent twelve solid hours on that pillow. They’re nice, but even I can’t stay in bed twelve hours!

We did a little grocery shopping this morning, once I got some wind back beneath my sails. I have a pot roast simmering on the stove, chock full o’ carrots, mushrooms, celery, potatoes and onions. Now I must rest again. I made myself a sore throat concoction that’s been passed down a few generations. It’s simple, but really does the trick. You roll a lemon around, getting it all soft and juicy, then cut a hole in the top (straw-sized) and pour in whiskey and honey, mixing it all up. Sip that concoction with a straw until nothing more is left, and let me tell you, it really does the trick.

So is this what the blogpost is coming down to this week??? Talk of a cat on a pillow and a sore throat remedy? That’s just sad. I don’t have much more than that, though. You’re out of luck if you’re looking to me for entertainment this week. Kenny and I went to Bassista and bought a new rocker recliner. I’ve had it with my living room chair, I’ve tried to adapt to it and has not cooperated. It looks inviting enough, but oh, no, it’s just a trick. It’s very puffy, and the back of the chair is so puffy, in fact, that it projects the head forward. After extended sitting (usually an hour of t.v.), my neck is stiff and cramped and I’ve got a headache in progress. Kenny’s tried it, said the same thing. It’s just horribly designed. Now, though, I know what to look for, and have tested many a chair before finally settling on a new one. This one will go to the other corner of the room where it can sit and watch me enjoying it’s replacement. I’m going to flaunt my new love right in it’s face. She gets delivered on Tuesday. I wish it were here yesterday. But that is pretty big news as I’ve been fighting what could be viewed as an unnecessary purchase. I finally proclaimed enough was enough. You only get so many chances with me before I stick you in a corner and set about ignoring you.

That’s it. I’m going to bed to read a book. I need to finish The Poisonwood Bible so I can get into the Twilight series which is all the rage. I have a group of friends who are reading them and it would be fun to all get together and see the movie when it’s out. But I need to read the book first.

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