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The Bang Bang Theories

Prices Can Go To Hell

Three-Fucking-Seventy-Nine. For a gallon of gas. As Bill Maher stated about the Bush-Cheney Administration: Mission Accomplished. I’m sure we’ll be reading another headline of Record Profits. Sure glad I’m not trying to balance a mortgage against that. Things work out.

I had quite a workout at the gym tonight, making the Pilates Reformer my Bee-atch once again. Well, really, she owned MY ass again tonight, that’s what happens when ya take a three month break from her. She (yes, that machine is a “she,” only a woman could be so seemingly innocent at first glance, then kick your ass without an apology) doesn’t like it when ya neglect her for too long. So she teaches a little lesson. She taught me. I was able to get up off of it, but not gracefully nor without a grimace of pain. After, I went and rounded out the night with some time on the elliptical. All-in-all, a strong workout.

It was late when I was done, I closed the place, and determined I wanted some bananas so I headed over to Giant Eagle. I picked up $67 worth of groceries, which amounted to about four little bags and a six-pack of my favorite Landshark beer. I hesitated to buy it, costing $7.49 for a six-pack, but figured I’d treat myself. I’m turning into my Grandmother, quoting the prices of groceries and gas. Whatever, those prices can go to hell. When I got home, I opened the hatchback and my beer fell right out and busted all over the driveway. All seven dollars and forty-nine cents worth. Being late and dark out, it was difficult to clean it up, I get a treat in the morning of making sure the glass is picked up before I drive over it. That would be the cherry on top, getting a flat tire outta that debacle. To think, I had a good, peaceful evening planned of beer and Tylenol PM, for the perfect night of sleep. I haven’t slept good in days, despite some rockin‘ out sex which should have helped me sleep. Luckily I bought a back-up bottle of wine, which I’m now enjoying while I blog out. Which is probably why this is TMI for some people….well, most people, not just some. Who cares. Stop reading if you don’t wanna hear my blather 🙂

I need to schedule a Sex & The City movie night. I imagine it might be a smallish group, I figure Jill will have something already scheduled, probably months ago the way she takes over everything. Whatever, I’m going regardless and people can join me if they’d like. No worries, it’s fun movie night.

Twinkle has me worried again. His eye seems bothered, he’s winking a lot and it seems a little soupy. I’m going to keep an eye on his eye and if it’s still acting up he’s going to the cat doctor on Saturday. He’ll love that. I worry a lot about that little kitty cat, he had a rocky start and his mama needs to keep a watch over him.

Well, the wine is doing it’s job, and once I couple that with a Tylenol PM I probably won’t be able to brush my teeth, so off I go to take care of evening routines.

Peace, and have a restful night.

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