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Whelp, here I sit back at the ol’ Ohio homestead, Reader. Right back at it, amidst the chaos and the cats and let’s not even talk about my bags, suitcases and miscellaneous remnants of a life once lived in Florida. All that? Is STILL strewn about the house.

I know, I know! Stop yelling at me!! I’ve been home a couple of weeks already, landing back up here Christmas Eve night.  I’m going to even go so far as to say that my car may or may not still have several boxes and a wagon that hasn’t been unpacked yet.

I’ve never been this delinquent with unpacking.

I’m still walking around my fully-packed suitcases just lying on the bedroom floor, becoming home to many cat naps.

It’s been just too much to address.

It’s not a simple unpack.  I’ve got to clean out my closets and toss or donate a bunch bunch bunch of stuff, because a/ I just don’t need it and 2/ I just don’t have room for it all. I have six big closets here and they are all cramped up with stuff and it just needs to be culled. So until I make time for that, everything stays cased up and on the floor.

I did throw out one shirt the other day. I would have donated it, but it had a hole in the elbow.  It has always been far too tight and huggy, yet I liked the color. The other day I tried to wear it again, and it was way too intimate with my body and I ripped it off and threw it right in the trash, in a really dramatic fashion.

I’ve got stories to tell, Reader. Many stories. My 2020 resolution is to tell more of them to you, and not just keep ’em all in my head. I’m sorry, and you’re welcome.

My other resolutions involve eating more deviled eggs, because I really like them and decided they shouldn’t be saved for holidays and parties, and also I stole one (a resolution, not a deviled egg, that would be really odd) from Megan Markel, which apparently she resolved to “leave room for magic” one year and then six months later she went on a blind date with Prince Harry, and well, I’m ready for my magic, please. At this point I’ll be happy with Cinderella’s magic of a slew of birds and critters who will clean my house while I’m fast asleep. And leave me a platter of deviled eggs in the fridge.


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